Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stuffed Marlins

Inside the Remsen Family Bayhouse, LI, NY

I love nautical kitsch. While I was on Long Island, my parents were invited to a Bay House party, and I eagerly tagged along hoping to get some decorating ideas for my future houseboat.
Bay houses are small bungalows on the marshlands, originally built by fisherman, baymen and duck hunters, and they're only accessible by boat. A few of the houses have generators, but most have no power at all, so it's like camping. Around 1965, many bay houses on LI were moved to preserve the wildlife on the wetlands, but a handful like this one remain, to preserve the other wild life on the wetlands. That's my dad "Capt. Al" sitting on the cooler on the right. He's the one with the white beard, dark shades and the fat baby (my Gigi!) on his lap. Please also enjoy the stuffed marlin photo (hanging above the duck decoys and the beach glass).

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