Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A waterfall made by my mother for a luau in 1970s

Spray Foam & Other Art Supplies. My mother studied painting at Syracuse University in the 1950s. Upon graduating, she immediately went to work in my dad's boat business for the next 40 or so years, and raised five children. Her latent artistic talents surfaced in peculiar ways like this spray-foam volcano that still resides in my parent's backyard. She made it for a Luau in the 1970s, using the foam that my dad used to make our docks float (dock foam?). Originally water cascaded down the volcano's facade into a small fiberglass koi pond, now a small vegetable garden. For the same Luau, my mother hand carved a 4' tall tiki figure from a solid log, made paper mache flowers that were the size of basketballs, spray painted them with florescent paint and planted them on spikes throughout the yard. I'm slowly starting to photograph the remnants of her art projects that are peppered throughout the house they my folks have lived in since 1955.

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