Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life After Aurora

A few people have asked what I'm doing now that I'm no longer on staff at Aurora Picture Show (my first child, not of the flesh), so here's a running list.

• I'm making lists! (with the my new app: Remember the Milk-- highly recommended for freelancers)

• I'm working as a Curator and Producer for Confluence: Points of View on Buffalo Bayou, a contemporary art project of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership that initiates the creation of innovation public art and related programming on, along and within the environs of Houston's historic river, the Buffalo Bayou.

• I'm freelancing for Aurora Picture Show's
Aurora Video Label, and completing production on two outstanding titles: A Film Is A Burning Place: Works by Enid Baxter Blader; and Cinemad 2009 Almanac, which is curated by Mike Plante.

• I'm co-editing a book with Ed Halter on a history of U.S. microcinemas, titled A Microcinema Primer: A Brief History of Small Cinemas.

• I'm hosting a new bi-annual series at The Menil Collection called "Menil Movies."

• I'm being a hausfrau and mutter

Pictured: Tour of Buffalo Bayou with Sandra Percival, Cynthia Toles, Terrie Sultan, Gilbert Vicario, Mary Leclere, and Donald Sultan.


cake said...

how fun to find your blog! i didn't know you had left aurora, but then again i am so far out of the loop, i'm loopy! your girl look so grown. wow.guess that happens to people.
best wishes to you and yours!

cake said...

i meant to say girls...