Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crowdsourced Artworks

I had a nice talk with Leah DeVun today for an article on crowdsourcing that may be published in Wired Magazine. The article itself is crowdsourced by Assignment Zero, an experiment in open source journalism, and will include interviews with dozens of authorities on mass cooperation, including Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Howard Rheingold (author Smart Mobs), Laurence Lessiq (chair Creative Commons), and many others. Leah interviewed me about distributed creativity, which lead me to this post. Below is an brief list of artworks made by the crowd (some willing, some unwitting). I will continue adding to this compilation.

Volunteer Partication
LearningtoLoveYouMore by Harrell Fletcher & Miranda July
The Sheep Market by Aaron Koblin
SwarmSketch by Peter Edmunds
Found Magazine edited by Davy Rothbart & Jason Bitner
MobioOpera by Shu Lea Cheang
Share various participants, multiple cities
SimpleTEXT by Jonah Brucker-Cohen
PostSecret by Frank Warren
Signs That Say What You Want Them to Say, Not Signs That Say What Other People Want You to Say by Gillian Wearing

Participation by Invite
Never Been to Houston by worldwide participants, organized by Jon Rubin & Andrea Grover

Artists associated with distributed creativity and/or relational aesthetics:

Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Harrell Fletcher

Jonathan Harris
Miranda July
Sal Randolph
Jon Rubin
Trebor Scholz


Institute for Distributed Creativity
Relational Aesthetics by Nicolas Bourriaud
Participation edited by Claire Bishop
The Art of Free Cooperation by Trebor Scholz


jack said...

Mikhail Bahktin - The Dialogic Imagination

....Jack Stenner (ex-Purse Building Studios), here....hope things are going well at APS!

Christa M. Forster said...

Check out Joe Mathlete Will Draw Anything You Ask Him To on an Index Card.