Monday, May 07, 2007

Astral Projection

Never Been to Houston. I missed posting all together the info on this exhibit co-curated by Jon Rubin and me. Never Been to Houston was an exhibit Jon and I organized for Lawndale Art Center in March-April 2007. The two of us invited artists (recommended by our colleagues) from around the world to submit photos to a photosharing site of what they think Houston might look like (none of the participants had ever been), using only their city as the photographic subject. The photosharing site was then streamed into the Lawndale gallery and projected on a large rear projection screen that could be walked around 360 degrees. The exhibit evolved daily as more photos were added and participants responded to each others' contributions.

This project was not pro or con Houston, but rather a way for geo
graphically dispersed artists to have an almost telepathic connection via shared web real estate and a virtual brain trust. Never Been to Houston continued my personal research into crowdsourced artworks and non-commodity based art practice. You can read about the exhibit here in the Houston Chronicle.

Photo by Jon Rubin, Pittsburgh, PA for the exhibit Never Been to Houston

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